theme for publish/print?

I have read some real books and e-books on Blender. But I found that

  1. the default gray background and small font size are too bad to be read clearly.
  2. some screen snap have extra border which has only background color

So for publish,

  1. is there a theme which is friendly to the readers’ eyes? or blender can export vector of the screen( for example, a rectangle of the node) for post-processing?
  2. any tools can be use to trim extra border automatically?


I made a print-friendly theme a while back when I wrote Blender For Dummies. I think it should still work.

I also run Blender borderless in my window manager, but I suppose that’s not available if you’re running it in Windows. You might try using Fullscreen mode.

you can always increase font size in user preferences!

happy bl