[Theme] Graph 1.41 (In Trunk Now!)


Graph is my first try to make a cool and professional UI Theme for Blender. It is designed for work with Matcap and Blender 2.7x releases.

It’s inspired by many works of the UI mockup thread: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?298932-Blender-UI-Mockups-and-Ideas-Requested
Hope you like it, suggestions and feedback for new versions are welcome :rolleyes:

How To Install The Theme

  • Download: Last Version
  • Unzip it
  • Start a new Blender File (CTRL+N)
  • Install the Theme: File / User preferences / Themes / Install Theme… select Graph.xml from the unzip folder
  • Save as Default: User Preferences Header / Save User Settings

How to Install the Startup File

  • Install the Theme and Set it as Default
  • Open Startup.blend
  • Save as Default: File/ Save Startup File

How To Return to Defaults

  • File Load Factory Settings
  • File/ Save Startup File

Tips and Obs:

  • Use it with AA if you can, it’s nice :RocknRoll:
  • Anisotropic Filter don’t cost that much, enable it :smiley:

I’m working on a Theme for Node Editor. There’s something that always bothered me, is the lack of visual feedback about what kind node it is. I think we can classify the Material nodes in four huge categories: Input, Modifications, Shaders and Output. So we can use a gradient to represent what kind of node it is:

I want to keep a low variance of colors between Seafoam green and Blue mostly but i need to keep the colors with the necessary differentiation so i put three colors of the gradient pallet and a Dark Gray to those in “Modifications” category.
That was my first try with Node Editor Theme:

Version 1.1 Updated in GitHub

It looks good, but there is something that I don’t like it, the buttons in complete black without any subtle border to differentiate one button from another.

Actually i wish that blender in future support a complete flat style, today we have a 1px size line below each button and i can’t find how to remove it. But that’s a matter of taste :). In Node Editor it looks too much homogeneous indeed, i will change the background color. Thanks for you feedback

Here is the version 1.2 and the Change Log:

Version 1.2

  • Editors

  • NLA, Dope Sheet and Graph Editors:

  • Start Theming

  • UV Image Editor:

  • Theme Overhaul to keep consistent with other editors

  • Live Unwarp enable by default

  • Text Editor

  • Start Theming

  • 3D View:

  • Theme Overhaul to better contrast and visibility in Edit Mode

  • Start Theming Curves and Nurbs

  • Node Editor:

  • Theme Overhaul to keep consistent with other editors


  • Workspaces
  • Added an Anim workspace with Dope Sheet and Graph Editor


To Do:

  • Shortcuts
  • Numbers only change Layers in Object Mode, not in Edit Mode
  • In Edit Mode: 1 - Vertex Select, 2 Edge Select, 3 Face Select


Updated in GitHub

OK, I see a couple of problems, first is the status bar is barely visible too much black over there, second, “Tabs” don’t have sufficient contrast and you can’t tell which is enabled or not… but overall it looks nice.

Looks nice and simple, I like it :slight_smile: thanks

Prefer a dark node background, but that’s just me.

I also prefer darker backgrounds for the image/uv editor and graph/node, this is kind of hard on the eyes, contrastwise. Otherwise, very nice theme! Looking forward to what you could do when/if a flatter style is finally possible.

Wanted to try your Theme, but it’s throwing the following error:

Hi Guys i can’t find any way to save the User Preferences. it don’t save by file. Any ideas to how to save a User Preferences config in a file?gregzaal , Mighty Pea - I will try make a good UV and Node Editor with a Darker theme. Indead it’s more consistent with the outher editors.

JWise - Are you trying it in what release? I could not replicate this bug in blender 2.69.1 official release and blender 2.69.11 ( same as blender 2.7 test build compiled by me)


I’m having the same error, in 2.69.0.

same here…

I’m using 2.69.11 hash 70924a7 on Win8 64bit from Feb 26 Buildbot. I’ve tried restoring factory defaults and only enabling the theme, but still it produces the error. I’ve also tried a number of other themes to see if they might be kicking out the same or similar error, nothing. Only Graph is producing the hiccup.

I will double check this. Thanks for the report.

I think i got where is the error. You can’t download it from the Root github website. if you did it you will donwload the webpage and not the Graph.xml (even if the file that you download have this name and format).

I replaced it to a .rar file with the xml and the startup file.

Working like a charm. Thanks.

I think someone else said so above, I think the tabs do not offer enough contrast to stand out for an easy read at a glance.

Good To know that JWise. I will make a review in NodeEditor/ UVImage editor and Tabs based in the last feedback.
Thanks! xD

thanks!!! Very well

Hey, that looks really nice. I agree that the UV and Node editors are too bright though.

PLyczkowski: Thanks man! Your mockups were huge inspiration for me to start work on this theme :yes: