[Theme] Grey Orange

Hello, guys and gals! I’m proud to present you my last theme. I’ve been working on it for quite a while now, but there was a little inconsistency (I even reported a bug). And now with the latest 2.77 release it has been fixed thanks to Campbell Barton.
“Grey Orange” (pun intended).

You can download it from here (grey_orange.zip (4.8 KB)), but I also encourage you to use GitHub version (there are always fresh oranges there, albeit a little grey :)).

Update: uploaded it to Blendswap.


Amazing! Thanks for share this!

You are welcome!

Nice looking theme!

Readable and easy on the eyes, one of the best darker themes so far :smiley:

My new theme!

This and your North theme, should be included in blender by default.
I’ve tried tons of dark themes and these two just are just perfect.

Thanks for share :D. Using it now.

Thank you, guys! I’m glad you like it.

Thanks, looks really nice

Thank you.

Thanks! There can never be too many dark/mid-grey themes! saved

Thank you very much, very good theme!

You are welcome!

Thank you very much for nice theme

You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Cool! Very nice theme! Thanks

I just finished updating the new version of my “Grey Orange” theme. If you’re interested you can check it here: https://github.com/TimoShch/GreyOrange/releases/tag/v0.99_dev

Old version is still available in Master branch at https://github.com/TimoShch/GreyOrange.

Happy New Year, people! :smiley:
I’ve just updated the GitHub page of this theme: https://github.com/TimoShch/GreyOrange
I merged development branch to Master, so you’ll be able to get all following changes (if there’ll be any) right from the main page.
But if you want the old version, you still can get one. Just download .zip file from here: https://github.com/TimoShch/GreyOrange/releases/tag/v1.0