[Theme] Greyout

Hey guys, I have been using the default flat theme I created for some time, so I decided to change it up a bit, 6 hours later I arrived at what we have here, color elements have all been changed, and consistency across the editors has been emphasized, I hope you enjoy the theme.

:: Download ::

This download is a github archive that also contains the default flat theme and my startup and userprefer blends, you are welcome to use any of them, and they are updated as I make changes.

Nice looking theme very professional looking like graph

Indeed, I like it very much, I find it easy to read and none-distracting, the syntax highlighting inspired by base16 Tomorrow dark theme in Atom, and that theme is where I grabbed most of the colors for the rest of the UI, with tweaks where it was needed.

I think I may rename the theme, but I haven’t decided on a proper name yet, any suggestions?