[Theme] Moonshineblue

This Blender theme is an evolution of my old theme, which i have used for several years now. This incarnation is not so colourful and a bit more fitting to each other. The blueish flavour stays though.

There are still some trouble areas. Having the info area in the upper toolbar with white letters means that warnings appears in white letters in a greyish textbox now. Means warnings are not really good readable then. But i had just the choice between pest and cholera here, since the two items share the same font colour. And with having another colour for the title bar and the text fields, either the warnings are not well readable, or the info area in the title bar.

Same goes for the little arrow buttons in the edit boxes. Also here i would wish to have a separated colour option. Selected text in those edit boxes is the same colour than the little arrows. Maybe somebody of you has an idea how to tackle those two problem zones better.

But all in all i am pretty happy with this theme now. The theme isn’t too colourful, the eyes finds nevertheless anchors because of the colour structure, and the UI items are well readable.

To install the theme first extract the XML file where you want. Then simply use the install theme button in the user preferences to browse to that directory and to install the theme. The current version is made with Blender 2.74. It can be that it doesn’t work with earlier versions.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Download, 4 Kb: http://www.reinerstilesets.de/blender/moonshineblue.rar