[Theme] My personal blender theme - "Obsidian", but nothing like real obsidian.

Once upon the time, I gave out this theme to a friend. Time passes, and the theme has changed a bit since then. And I decided I would share it with all blender users.

Note: I use purple for edge seams. Edge crease are also purple. Why? I despise edge crease and never used it ever again.

Joke, I just turned it to blue for your ease. I don’t like edge crease only because it hasn’t got any smooth falloffs and are hard to tweak. Especially that now we can sub-d with ngons beautifully.

It was when I started coding blender addons I realized the text editor colours needed some love. I sampled the colour scheme from one of the themes in Sublime Text, an amazing app for writing codes.

Although I’d like to make Blender’s text editor have exactly the same colours as in Sublime text, Blender colours its syntax in a slightly different way. Close enough for me.

The major scheme here is mid gray, dark de-saturated blue, high contrast with orange and neon-lime. I feel this combination of colours provide a good deal of interestingness on screen during the work, and also not distracting enough. Harmony, i guess? But that’s just what I feeeel after I created it and used it. It’s being a year or two now.

obsidian.zip (4.67 KB)

Thanks mate. Using this one now. Everything looks very clear and I love the colour combination. Thanks for sharing.