[Theme] OS X Native Look

This is something I did for myself and thought I might as well share. It mimics the Mac OS X look and feel and should make Blender look slightly more native on OS X. I’ve been using this theme for a few months now so it’s pretty usable, but I welcome any suggestions for improvement.

Download from Github.

Hi, that looks very nice! Easy on the eyes. And finally a bright theme, they are rare. I’ve been using the softimage theme for some time, I’ll try using yours now.

This is looking very nice!

I’ll use this from now on… but with edits to the TextEditor and Outliner colours.

Glad you like it! Feel free to send me a pull request if you me to include the changes.

Very nice looking theme!

Some first minute observations:

  • Graph/Curve editor window looks bit out of the place, it’s bright where as Dope Sheet is dark
  • At first at least, it feels like dark curve windows might look better
  • Movie clip editor. Light bg works quite OK, but IMO grid is too dark, creates very contrasty look, I definitely would lessen the contrast by making grid lighter if I used movie clip editor
  • Video editing on dark bg alternating darks seem bit too contrasty too, I’d lessen contrast
  • Text editor on bright bg works OK, but many times I personally end up using dark themes when reading text/code for a long time
  • Python console looks nice and readable as dark

Anyway, will propably keep this theme - Thanks!

  • Sami

finally a light theme !!! Just great thanks for sharing

Thank you !
Finally making a light theme that looks good and does not hurt the eye.