[Theme] Ozone (0.1)


This is my first go at creating a theme. I thought I’d share it on the off chance that somebody might find it to their liking. Enjoy!

Update: Some general tweaks including unique colours for nodes


ozone_0_1.zip (4.48 KB)

Hey, nice theme!

Reminds me of Graph but with more contrast. I like it better that way.

Have you got plans for color-coding the nodes?


Hey Shonosh,

Thanks. When you say “color-coding the nodes” are you referring to nodes in the node editor?

yup. Look at graph’s nodes (sorry, they’re just so similar with yours ^^’) they’re color-coded: input nodes are different from shader nodes and from texture nodes and so on and so forth (looking at material nodes now)

Okay I’ll see what I can do with that. I’ve made some other minor tweaks which I’ll release in an update.

I’ve released an update - see the first post.