Theme problems

How do you change your default theme? I wanted the rounded theme to be my default so I changed the theme to rounded. But when I restarted blender its always the “default” one, not the one I want. Any way I can make it start up with the rounded theme instead? Tell me you dont have to change it manually every time you start the program…I have to be missing something.

Ctrl+U, save user defaults.



Um can someone save the default blender start screen (the little cube from top view) as a .blend and send it to me please, I saved the defaults with a .blend file open and now every time I click new it comes up with that .blend instead of the default screen.

Just find B.blend and delete it, close Blender and reopen and the default blend-with-cube will be generated. Redo your Rounded theme, Ctrl-U and yopu’ll be good to go.


What would I do without you folks. Thanks. :slight_smile: