[THEME] SoftDefault

___________________ Soft-default ___________________

    # 1.0

    — blender default theme, softer on the eyes.

Much stuf has been left untouch, base color is one.
The rest? well it’s a hybrid of default settings + my Softblend theme.

_______________________ download ___________________

     > >     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1368663/softdefault.xml

      !     it's the new .xml format and not .blt add-on theme file.

_______________________ screens ____________________

— 3d view. much the same.

— properties panel, much work on making stuf not to screamy. keep hue, saturate down and value up on colors. but the rest? make buttons and dropdowns more low-contrast.

— gone are transparent menues, opaque is easier on the eye. selection is marked with an strong indentation, hi-contrast on text.

You sir are bizarre!

this is the predecessor of softblend

@kakachiex2 yeah, do you prefere softblend or this?

@sarge127 Oh first time I’m called sir. thanks! bizarre in a good way I hope. like some weird, slow loris animal or, rare sloth from the rainforest with lazers for eyes.

anyways check it out, it’s like the default theme but slightly better.

_________________ update _______________________

 >       it's in trunk, you'll have it if you build blender.

Any plan to do a darker version of soft default?

dark theme please and camera and empty null change color

hello aermartin i have a recuest add a more visible hilight selection to this theme i installe the new pie menu and i dont see hilight over the pie menu buttons whit this theme, whit others theme look great.

weird, i gotta install pie menues and see where that add-on get it’s color schematics from.

the creator of the addon says :
The addon is tied into the themes system - so it should look good with any theme you desire!

i like it alot. it does what is says in the sense that i find the balance button/panel/relief perfect. But in the long run I have to use darker theme for my eyes. Any chances there will be a “softdark” version? :slight_smile:

I am aware this is not an ideal place to ask, but i shoot anyway. if there is one, which setting do i have to tweak in order to have the tool shelf and properties background transparent so that the viewport shine through? feels like have tried them all but i can’t find the right one.