Theme song/trailer I made for recuts

I Made this for a series of recuts I’m making. Season 1 are recuts from Pirates of the Caribbean.
A recut is when you record clips from a movie, and mix them up a bit out of context to create your one, funny and original content. You may also throw in external things like sound effects to help.

Sort of like a youtube poop, but far more professional and organized.

It’s not DONE yet, still got some touch up work to do, I also need to find a royalty free song.

Here is the theme/trailer I made for season 1 of recuts. Watch in HD

Here’s my logo too.

Feedback? I’m going to be making some changes today for the final render.

Interesting concept! I look forward to see what kindof madness it will become! hi have royalty free music here if you are interested. I’ve made it myself, so be my guest and use it however you want. Credits would be nice of course, but if you havn’t cleared the rights to use the images, please just put the music without credits :wink: It’s better for everyone haha! <3

The images are ok, as I’ve modified them (some quite extremely) so they are now considered to be original content. Plus it’s fair use. I’ll look through your music for sure.