Theme transparency

Hi all,
I like rounded theme, but its pop-up menu transparency doesn’t show well icons.
I use blenderartist-theme and I would make transparency in its pop-up. How can I do?


___ Done !!! ___

The Alpha channel sure is useful, huh?
Next time you solve your own problem, share it with the rest of us so we can learn from it :slight_smile:
I’ll do it for you this time.
In Blender you have a default user preferences window on top (the one with the information “i” symbol). You can pull it down to reveal everything. Then simply go to themes, where you can add one, delete one, and change every bit of whichever theme you want. Most offer the changing of the colors using “RGB” values (red, green, blue) but some also have an A channel (Alpha). The more alpha, the more transparent something is. Making your own theme can take a while since there are 16 types of windows with each around 20 menus and such to choose colors for.
Save your new theme as the default by pressing Ctrl + U.
Have fun! :smiley: