[Theme] UE4 theme (WIP) for Blender

More information here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/1394433-ue4-theme-for-blender
(theme itself at https://gist.github.com/cyaoeu/ce1777866852268113bbab421c0672d8)

Good Theme! Thanks!

Heh, I was gonna ask where the heck your screenshots are.
Didn’t even realize this wasn’t UE4.

Yes it looks pretty close. Most things that don’t look the same are just unthemable right now (strange zebra stripes in the outliner, button roundness, hover always looks brighter and you can’t set the color by yourself and so on). The theme also includes the skybox but you need to link that nodegroup in your .blend files, so if you open files from other people (or your old files) it won’t be there and you’ll have to link it.
The same goes for the material which is similar to the UE4 default grid material. In material you see the UE4 grid style material and in texture you see a color grid which is pretty useful.

I updated the theme to have a blueprint viewport color for the background but the grid is way too bright with that color. I don’t know of a good solution that has decent grids for both the skybox version and the gray background version. For now I just disable the grid when not using the skybox.

Nice! This should help work between Blender and UE4 feel a bit more fluid. Thanks