[Theme] Ultimate Dark Updated! + Startup for Blender 2.72

Hello blender heads and people in general, I like to present to you my updated and “reinvented” theme, this is a “remake” of an “old” theme, but in my humble opinion the best theme for blender, why?.. It is not biased by my personal taste (not entirely at least it just works, simple as that), the entire UI is VISIBLE and consistent through all the panels, buttons and editors…Wireframe, Text editor, Node editor, Movie clip editor, etc.I even found new things that I have no idea that existed. Watch by yourself how good it is, look all the panels, colors for cameras, empties, faces, vertices, etc…(I’ve changed everything I could)…and if you decide to use my startup file look for my video showing you why is it like that…and how to adapt to its wokflow.

In general I have changed:

*Sculpting brushes strength and curve size changed.
*Text Editor and python console colors changed.
*Default Dynotopo sculpting detail to 8px.
*Symetry enabled by default.
*Red Matcap by default.
*Sculpting layout has a “only render view” enabled by default, which means no UI just the cursor (to focus to one task “sculpt”).
*UV Editor has a section with no UI also.
**And many more awesome things…

I have spent an insane amount of time doing this…so, you’ll find NO errors or missing letters or something like that (and if you do find them ¬¬…tell me xD)… oWO hope you like it and please comment :slight_smile:

and a link for usage of my startup…(please use 1080p or more to see the text)

*Theme and Startup (UPDATED 10/23/2014, Tweaked some edges, a little more blacks, A slightly modified layout for animations and rendering)

*UPDATED 11/04/2014: New tweaks and consistency and very slight gradients , new colors to background tabs and outliner .

A few notes:

  • It is optimized to use it with cycles render.

*Texture paint only works with blender render, so before using it you must change to blender render engine and create a new material.

*Warning!, the position and size of the panels depends on your monitor resolution, mine is 1920x1200, you’ll get a slightly moved layout.

Very Nice theme.

Thank you very much, glad you like it :slight_smile: