[Theme] Ultraviolet R4

Ultraviolet is a Blender theme with a focus on minimalism and clarity - contrasting well-calibrated greyscale menu colours with a high-visibility violet selection and highlight colour. Additional colours like axis highlights, node headers and other UI assets have also been tweaked to remain bold and visible, while feeling more subtle and complimentary to the theme as a whole.

This theme was originally built from Ubuntu Ambiance, and is something i’ve been slowly working on for a while. It’s been customised specifically for most UI panels, but still needs more polish and refinement, specifically in areas like animation and video editing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

>>> GitHub Page <<<

I might try this. I made a steam theme a while ago that is purple, and my windows is set to purple too.
Funny, I just switched from green today, and then saw the theme :smiley:

I like dark backgrounds but most themes leave things like text, and other things black so they are nearly impossible to see. They all have small vertex too, I like my vertex set to atleast 4x4 like my old Silo theme.

Thanks for sharing this. Looks nice :smiley:

Hehe, nice.

Yeah, there’s not many dark themes I see that I like, as they’re either too dark and/or don’t handle visibility and UI hierarchy well. It’s a bit tricky with Blender at times, as certain UI elements have a shared look regardless of how they’re used so you have to make compromises. The vertex size in the UI is currently 3, but i need to have another look at how I handle colours in the 3D View, so I may end up looking at it.

Nice theme! A clean, cool-temperature theme. Thanks for sharing.

I like it ! Good Job! Also very thanks you share your addons!

No problem, let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

This is nice! Really dig the purple.