[Theme] Xsi blend sky - Blender 2.80


xsi_blend_sky.xml (42,2 KB) (updated V6)

  • V0 first version
  • V1 buttons selection vertices, segments, faces, now are green
  • V2 arranged the colors of all the other work areas and arranged the colors of the sidebars.
  • V3 some panels buttons and sliders, now white and green, arranged colors of value sliders and number fields
  • V4 arranged the colors of the panel of the addons
  • V5 colors compatible with the new outiliner added in blender 2.81
  • V6 fixed the colors of the search items, but I discovered a small bug that conflicts with some items in the viewport shading and viewport overlay menus, I created a papercut that signals this, I hope it will be corrected as soon as possible :slight_smile:
    fixed also the selection color of UV map segments

warn me if I missed something to fix