Themes in 2.5 Beta

Does Anyone know how to import and Export Themes in 2.5 Beta?
The explanations I’ve seen so far talk about a Theme folder in the Python Scripts folder. In OS X Leopard, there ain’t no Theme folder. Neither does there seem to be any export or import facility. (yeah, I know how to get into the package contents).
Have I missed it?
Thanks guys!

Blender uses 2.53/config/startup.blend for the Theme.
Change the theme , save as default. Rename it to startup_Theme1.blend.
Repeat these actions to do as many theme as you want.
And just copy and rename startup.blend, the theme you want to use.

Thanks zeauro, I know how to set up and save Themes. I had a theme I created in an alpha version of Blender 2.5 that I don’t want to spend hours redoing in 2.5.3, If I knew where the theme files are kept I could copy and paste. I couldn’t and still can’t find any theme files. Maybe it’s different for Macs,but my config file in the user folder has no such file (either hidden or visible).


here’s the path for MacOSX:

/Users/…/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.53/config/

Thanks Bulb, have you got a file in the config folder that includes the word “theme”? I see three files, bookmarks, recent-files and startup, are any of those a theme file?

Same here. The theme is saved in the startup file. There’s also a 2.52 folder; when i move the startup.blend into the 2.53 folder, I get the same theme as in the alpha version.

Bulb, even though I have 3 versions of Blender in the dock (2.49, 2.5 alpha & beta) there is no 2.52 folder in the blender folder, only the 2.53. Macs can be a real pain. I know where the 2.53 folder is but it doesn’t show in a Search, hence neither does the 2.52, which file I do NOT know the position of.

Ok, try this:

Do you have a “.B25.blend” in your user-directory? (It’s hidden, you have to make the hidden files visible first) That’s the file, where the theme was saved in the previous alpha version. Rename it to “startup.blend” and move to the 2.53 folder. That should work.

Bulb It works!! You’re a genius! It was hard work finding the B25 file.
Thanks, saved me an evenings work!