themes ?

are there any predefined themes in 2.7 ?

I did like the Orange dark one

there is this install theme things in user preferences but how and what does it do ?

where do we find the grid line’s color in theme ?

happy bl

  1. Yes, it’s in the dropdown box labeled Presets at the top left.
  2. It install’s external themes in XML format.
  3. It’s under the 3d View section of themes. It’s the first setting: Grid​.

ounce you select a new theme how do you keep it ?

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I tried to change the grid line colors but refuse to save it with ctrl-u

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Save User Settings at the bottom of the preferences.

Are you being serious or trolling with this? I can only assume you are trolling as you have 21k posts and have been a member here since 2008…

User settings and the startup file is saved separately, ctrl-u only saves the startup file as far as i can tell.

In user preferences, click ‘save user settings’.

certainly not trolling!
just that I did not use this feature in 3 years I think and decided to test it again
and I just remember the save user
which has been split a while back from user preferences

you cannot use all the features in Bl in one week and hope to remember it one month after
too many vars and tricks around ! LOL

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That is true. I forget things all the time and have to use Google + Blender manual!

Even google or bing search does not always give the answer!

so these are the main forums for Bl and it should be the best place to find answers
that is the goal of these forums as I remember !
and the right place to ask any questions on blender

happy bl