theming - how to change color of the Transform panel

Blender 2.54
As in the subject, could someone please tell me how to change the background color and font color of the Transform panel (“N”) and of Toolbox panel (“T”). These panels appear in 3D view, but I can’t figure out which options would be responsible for these panels in Themes for 3D view. also changing options in the Interface section of Themies does not seem to influence these panels.

The following can be found in the Outliner Window/User Preferences.

Change background color:
-Themes/3D View/Theme 3D View/Region Background

Change font color:
-Themes/3D View/Theme 3D View/Region Text & Region Text Highlight & Region Text Titles
-Themes/User Interface/Theme User Interface/Number Widget Colors/Theme Widget Color Set/Text & Text Selected

Blender 2.54 is basically undocumented (No Manual), so you must sometimes do a lot of searching and trial-and-error in order to find the answer to any question you might have. I sometimes spend several whole days trying to find the answer to a question before asking on this forum.


May I suggest this approach:
Open up whatever view/ panel you want to color
Open up user preferences/ themes and see if you can figure out which option chooses the color you want to change - then slide it around while watching to see what happens as it is updated in real time.

Some of the names within themes are hard to figure out. Check out Murat Egretli’s Blog, he has some great tuts on adjusting the themes:

Thank you both for tips and the link (actually, the blog contains the answer to my question and more, but it never showed up when I googled for blender theming). The approach you suggest to find a color that matches theming sample with real interface is more or less what I did, but the colors look different. (as for my eye, the samples are quite brighter and less saturated than real colors). Anyway, now clicked through almost all of them.