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Hey guys. Finally decided to make a sketchbook thread to post some of my tests and doodles.
I guess I’ll start off with my latest model which is a low poly character. I got really inspired by avemagnadudes characters and tried to do my own. So here’s last nights “doodle”.

Still need to edit the proportions though, especially the head :confused:

Rigged this guy up to see how it works. Looks pretty nice actually.

keep at it!

Made a timelapse where I put this guy in a bigger scene. I was about to stop half way, but then everything started to look better.

Well done mate, I enjoyed that video :slight_smile: - What tutorials did you follow to learn about creating the scene?

I’m happy you enjoyed it. And actually, I didn’t follow anything to make that scene. Everything was done and made by me. Come to think of it, I haven’t really watched a tutorial on modelling for over a month or too.

great timelapse, its pleasure to see how You build all assets from scratch and how achive the feel of final shot :slight_smile:
Your art reminds me business style illustration in newspapers like Focus or Business Week :slight_smile:

Thanks b2przemo. It really feels nice when people like your work.

I’ve made a timelapse of the character, and added it to blendswap.

Alway wanted to do isometric low poly work, but never really knew how, so I googled on how to position the camera.
Looks pretty fun actually.

I did another isometric render, but this time recorded it.
You can download the .blend here:

nice isometric models.

Thank you.

i really love your works, and u inspired me to do my own low poly scene!

Thanks for all your contributions. Your work has inspired me to go full blast into 3D modeling.

I feel great that I inspired both of you. I’ve finally gotten home from my vacation trip so I can start working again.

Got back from my trip so I made this.

Been a long time since I updated this :confused:
Anyways, here’s a quick background image I made this evening.

Just some messing around with texture painting. It can give some pretty good looking renders.

I really need to do more character modelling. I find it the most fun.