Theoretical Science and Super Powers/Magic

Hello, everyone!

I like superhero movies and medieval fantasy stories as much as the next guy, but I have a problem when people either don’t explain how the super powers or magic could work, or simply do it very badly.

So, I come here to ask those of you who are scientifically inclined to help me explain how magic and super powers can function.

Ok, first off, let’s list the more common ones:

Pyromancy - Control and manifestation of fire/heat/high energy
Cryomancy - Control and manifestation of ice/cold/low energy
Aeromancy - Control and manifestation of air, air pressure, and to some extent, lightning.
Hydromancy - Control and manifestation of water, water pressure, and liquids in general (as in the state of matter, not gasses)
Telekinesis - Controlling the movement and force of objects without physical contact
Mental Manipulation - Manipulation of the thoughts and emotions of others
Force Manipulation - Manipulation of forces upon contact (you can instantly stop a car charging towards you or something, without sustaining damage to yourself, for example)
Shape Shifting - Manipulation and control of one’s appearance and biology

Okay, so explanations.

Pyromancy - The person in question is able to control the speed and frequency at which atoms/molecules vibrate and travel, but only at higher speeds and frequencies. This allows them to heat up and evaporate nearly anything. Along with making high frequencies, which I feel would cause interesting effects, though I can’t immediately think of any.

The problem here is controlling fire, which I don’t see as possible unless they could manipulate the shape/position of the fire with air currents.

Cryomancy - The person in question is able to control the speed and frequency at which atoms/molecules vibrate and travel, but only at lower speeds and frequencies. This allows them to cool and solidify nearly anything. I had a though before about what would happen if they could freeze an area to Absolute Zero (would that theoretically stop time?), but discovered that Absolute Zero simply isn’t possible at all.

The problem with ice doesn’t exist here, since they could simply freeze water molecules in the air. I think the main question here is, could they make ice hard enough to be a weapon, and how?

Aeromancy - The person in question is able to control air pressure. I think that alone would solve most of the issues, particularly how a person could fly. Simply manipulate the air pressure around you to make the air immediately around you shaped like a wing and generate lift that way, and propulsion could be made by simply shoving air behind you. The main problem with flight would be G forces, and I’m not sure how one would rectify that problem.

As far as lightning goes, I feel the easiest solution is to have the ability to manipulate the electrical charges of objects. Theoretically, enough of one charge and enough of another charge being linked by a small path would generate lightning, right? in order to control the lightning in real time though, one would have to be able to think and process information nearly instantly to keep up with the lightning itself, which is the issue.

Hydromancy - Since air and water both behave similarly due to them both being “liquids”, I assume just control of water pressure would be enough to manipulate water in general. This would pretty much work like Aeromancy, but with water.

Telekinesis - This is a hard one. I imagine it could be explained away with Aeromancy, but I don’t want to rely on air pressure for this. Telekinesis unfortunately doesn’t agree with physics at all, making it hard to explain.

Mental Manipulation - Did you mean Psychology? No, but seriously, I think the easiest explanation for this would be pheromones, and lots of them. Easy to control actions and emotions with pheromones. It’s less precise than what most would expect with mind control, but it’s basically the same effect.

Force Manipulation - Alright, this is a cool one. You could manipulate the force of your punch to be akin to One Punch Man, or stop a bullet just by touching it. Basically, you can dissipate or enhance forces instantly on contact. I would hazard a guess that the forces would have to be dispersed as noise or heat, which would still cause injury. I can only imagine how hot something would get just by instantly stopping a bullet. Increasing force on contact is the hard part, since F=MA, I don’t want to increase the mass of something, but you can’t increase acceleration by touching something.

Shape Shifting - Shape shifting is another hard one, since the heat generated and calories consumed by something that could change the biology of your body would be INSANELY high. I think the best way to explain this is a principle of less is more; you can change shape to another human, but full on species changing would be very hard to explain.

Those are the explanations I’ve made for some magic seen in shows and movies, what are yours? Did I leave any out? Have anything to add to my explanations? I’d love to hear it!

It’s comic book science, you’re supposed to make sure your brain is turned off when watching those movies.

Besides, in what other universe do writers often come up with fictional elements to make something possible (adamantium, vibranium, that super-heavy element powering Iron Man, ect…).

if one were able to control the outcomes of quantum interactions, they could move heat against entrophy or move atoms against a gradient.

While it IS just comic book science, it’s still explained to some extent. For example, Superman’s super strength is from the difference in gravity between Earth and Krypton. Is it scientifically sound? Eh, not really. But they still made the effort to make it sound reasonable.

That’s true, but it would be difficult to explain what they’re doing and how they’re doing it to a general audience.

If such powers did exist, then we need to be able to define their limits. Magic, like science, should (at least depending on the story) have some form of consistency that can be replicated given the proper circumstances.

How far away could we be able to shoot fireballs or freeze things? Is it a preset radius (like for example, 150 feet away is the max)? Or is it limited by our sight (needs to be able to see the water to move it)? If so, can blind people use magic? Can one remotely move air from halfway around the world from seeing it through a video camera? If it is a preset radius, do stronger people have a higher range or is it the same for everyone (which ties into the next one a little)?

How strong would the powers be (from snapping our fingers and making a small flame appear to snapping our fingers and setting the town on fire)? Would everyone have the same amount of fixed strength in relative to each other (any pyromancer can shoot out the same amount of fire as every other pyromancer)? Would the powers be relatively equal in strength to each other or would some powers be inherently stronger (for example, a cryomancer can reduce the temperature by the same amount of degrees that a pyromancer can raise it by)?

How selective is our range? Can an aeromancer move the air out of someone’s lungs to suffocate somebody? Can a hydromancer be able to seperate pollution from water to purify it? Can a pyromancer take control of another pyromancer’s flames and use it against him/her?

How would we interact with our powers? Would we need to set up elaborate rituals in order to cast a fireball? Are our powers activated by touch? By gesture? If so, would it require a series of poses or a mere flick of the wrist? Are they thought based (you think it, it happens)?

How long would we be able to continue using it? Could we shoot out fireballs all day or would we eventually grow tired? Is there a set limit to the amount of fire we can shoot out or objects we can freeze? Does this amount regenerate back over time? If so, how long would it take to be able to regenerate back the full amount? Is this limit fixed for everyone or do some people have higher stamina? Could we be able to practice to increase this amount like running to train for a marathon?

Do our powers get stronger under certain circumstances? Would there be objects or specific events in time that make us stronger? Would they affect everyone or only certain groups of people (like only cryomancers)?

How do people get their powers? Are they born with it? If so, is it randomly assigned or based on genetics? Do our powers come naturally from our bodies or are they granted by objects (for example magic crystals)? If so, do the objects retain their magic properties when used up or can they be used continuously by many different people? Do our powers manifest during a specific point in our lives (like when we reach 20 for example)?

if the brain were in face a quantum computer, and could somehow ‘resonate and entangle’ with atoms, I wonder if it could effect the quantum outcomes?

for instance observing a quantum interaction effects it’s outcome.

If one super power (magic) is possible then all others are just a matter of choice. That’s what so great about it. One only need to present it as believable. Study.

Thought is made so… as soon as it is observed it changes, makes it hard to propagate into materialised reality.
First creation, there is a word.
What moved a mountain?

“Nothing is true; everything is permitted”. Probability Theory could explain just about anything. The problem is that it could only happen about every 500 quadrillion years or so.

The problem with explanations that are classical is accounting for the energy that would be required. QM really seems the way to go. Like BPR suggested, some type of interface that is based in entanglement could be far reaching enough to supply energy and the classical responses. It’s some bat $#it crazy sci-fi though.

How are your explanations different from superpowers? How would you for example control the vibration of particles, air pressure etc.?

if you can explain it then it is not magic

Clarke’s third law:
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

magic ~ greatness (mag ~ great)

the energy involved in such control makes presence of any highly complex chemical structure (officially known living organism) impossible. Although if balanced well, finely tuned to propagate, edit time…

(more about it on CGTalk: What is iMT?)

… we are able to dream on…
probabilities are endless, still :eyebrowlift:

on one side arrogance, on the other ignorance… making it a spectacle :ba:-ba