Theory on how America Democracy work.

I believe there is an eclipse every 31 years, then we start having our “season” all over again. The money and the debt are held by the feds which are the central bank.

hahah, you’re definitely right about the “republicans then debt” part.

What burns me is that you get moral and fairness ether way. Doesn’t sound like a choice to me. Why can’t I be free to be a pervert. The no spin zone acts like the world revolves around them. There idealistic perfect society. Blah

Hahahhaa,there you go with that funny shit again. Obama is putting this country in more debt than all the other Presidents combined. And he is…let’s see,a Democrat.

I predict this thread to be closed very soon!:smiley:

Its one of the same, don’t you get it ? The two party systems are for suckers, four legs good two legs better. Remember that ? It’s about roasting hotdogs and teaching sneeches, guess who those are.

I agree. The two party system is broken.

The country was a fraud to begin with. Society is a fraud, the economy is a fraud and now they going to encourage the people to work for them so they can kick us out of paradise and blame Man for there mistake. You can’t fix it, it was broken to begin with. The toilet is the true path, get used to it.

Either the two party system is broken, or America will be broken by not having proper background checks on new czars and failing to make sure they stay realistic and in touch with the people, did you know one of them wants to give animals the ability to sue people, how can an animal file a lawsuit anyway, and why would say, dogs sue their owners if most of them are forgiving and would not even think of suing?

Another implication is that commercial hunting would be banned because of a lawsuit brought against the hunting industry by a moose and beef banned because the industry had a class action lawsuit brought against it by a herd of cows. How about zoos being closed because an elephant or lion takes them to court or a labradore suing the local humane society for not giving it free unfenced space to run around without a leash:eek:

If you don’t like your leaders then just vote them out next time you have a chance and pick better ones.

I think they referring to the food chain of society CD.

Actually, it was" four legs good, two legs bad". :rolleyes:
But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant, right?

What’s the alternative, than?

And, who roasts hot dogs, anyway? They’re boiled. And WTF is a sneech?

Again, What’s the alternative ?

Its two legs better after the pigs start walking on two legs, Sorry I meant sneetches

Alternative, I say we blow up earth now instead of later.

Is this what you do with blender? This could’ve just as easily been done in inkscape or GIMP. Al, I need to make t-shirts out of your sayings. xD

I was thinking the same thing.

maybe he thought making it blender-ish would attract blender users.

That was bush… imagine trying to stop a train. Fox news and other hate/propoganda media centers are good at making its sheep viewers forget what happens each time a republican comes into power and blaming it on Obama in this case. The debt wasn’t his fault.

I find it more easy to use. Let’s see well first of all our so called leaders need to tell us the truth.

Second the pushing for a global economy was too fast and we need to stop “fixing” the economy.

I see society out of balance, perhaps we should focus on degrading areas that have too much morals and put more morals where there isn’t enough. Same thing with human rights.

Society need to find a positive note and integrate the bad that comes with it. In short society will reprogram itself and laws need to be dynamic instead of static.

Coming from Australia this pretty much sums up American democracy for me:

LoL, what the hell

It’s true that Bush created a lot of debt, but I have a few points:

  1. Republicans used to be known for being fiscally conservative. Democrats have never been. Reagan made it OK for republicans to waste money on shit, but what most people don’t get is that he actually had a reason to do that spending. Lately we don’t have a reason. They still spend. Bush was not a conservative by any definition of the word.

  2. Obama inherited a lot of debt, but he’s not exactly being thrifty. Largest budget ever, attempting to ram through a costly healthcare bill at a time when people were not really clamoring about healthcare. People were all telling him to put an end to wasteful spending, pull us out of Iraq, hold bush and his crew responsible for their actions and clamp the irons onto the corrupt monetary system. That’s what he said he was going to do. That’s what people elected him to do He has since done THE EXACT F****** OPPOSITE.

I, of course, voted for Bob Barr. He wasn’t the perfect candidate, but of the people running I thought he would have been the best president. I knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning, but I voted for him anyway. Because you’re supposed to vote for who you think would make the best president. You’re not supposed to vote for people based on their party. You’re not supposed to vote for people based on who you think is going to win. It’s not Vegas. You don’t win a prize if you get the answer right.

What’s so funny about this crap is that people voted for a democrat to fix our foreign policy and lower spending, when historically - especially before Nixon - people voted for republicans for the exact same reason after the democrats got us into wars and spent us into the poorhouse. Interesting how the sides came full circle between Bush Sr and Clinton.

In fact, that cycle may be what Al is referring to. Is it? I honestly couldn’t figure out the visual.