is LIVE!!

" <> has launched! Six months after the release of our animated episode, Reading is Magic, Theory has released a new interactive animated website! Animated and rendered completely in Blender, the new website features an interactive front page, all of our previous episodes, plus tutorials, and ways to support the artists who create them.

We’d love to hear your feedback too. Send us a message to[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> or tweet us, @TheoryAnimation

Much love,

:david Andrade:"


Looks great! Love the Homestyle Runner-esque thing with different videos for the different options on hover. :slight_smile:

Yes, David did a lot of coding to get that working, and it is my favorite part of the site - and Homestar Runner was a great inspiration to most of us

Man, how did you make Ray’s head spin when the demon runs by? It looks really clean and I didn’t see any distortion on the neck.

I guess that is a question dandre needs to answer - but to tell the truth, the rigs that JPBouza made are really awesome!

This is great!!! I’ve always wanted to create some kind of webseries like the such, it’s great. How long did it take to build up to this point? I’d love to know more on the behind the scenes… but awesome, your product is a great example of what I am trying to do.

That is so cool and very well done. I love it !

That is one of the best and original websites I have even seen. Thumbs up, guys…and good luck on your journey ahead.

Thanks, I will point David here to answer any questions you have :smiley:

Whoa! Thanks everyone for the kind compliments :smiley: I’ll do my best to answer questions:
@quollism Totally inspired by HSR! I think they did a great job in making the website feel alive
@SterlingRoth Ray has Quaternion and Euler Rotations. I used Quats however and did a lot of clever math/cheating
@Draise I will be making BTS videos soon, but, it took us about 6 months of work to get to this point :smiley:
@dagto & @Kalinaki Many thanks for the compliments :slight_smile: We worked real hard on it! Consider joining our newsletter to keep with it :D!