There and Back Again (An Unexpected Journey)

There is still some work to do on this picture. I’m not satisfied with the
light and some details are missing. But… here’s a wip.

This is looking really good! Great modelling :slight_smile:

Nice twist

Beautiful! I love how the environment looks both synthetic and somewhat organic at the same time. I also like how the suit design matches the environment really nicely.

Thanks Saila,I have to work a bit more on the far background, it’s weak. I’m not satisfied with the second man. I have to make some moresketchs to find ideas.

By “weak” are you referring to a lack in variation? I like the cybernetic jellyfish drones in the background. I agree on the second man though, maybe if his pose was less symmetrical he might look more interesting.

Your work is great.But there are things i like to point out that you may want to consider:
1: the backlight needs to be a little dimmer so it could fit with the light on the back of the “astronauts” and the third row of trees (the ones that are close to the camera);because the light in the background doesn’t seem to reach these two objects properly considering how bright it is.
2.the glass cover on the front of the helmet for the first guy is not very clear.also the data display on it seems to be hovering on it’s own rather being on the surface of the glass.I suggest you try some lighting from the front to give it some specularity.that said it would be nice if the light from the screen could reflect from the guy’s skin ( If you saw IRONMAN, then you know what i mean.)
3.the two guys seem to be the same guy.I think if you change the second guy a little bit (ass some hair or something),the scene will be more convincing unless you intended to make did point out (correctly) that the second guy looks wierd and i think it is because he seems he is not doing something useful.perhaps if he carries some kind of flask to collect specimen or carries some weapon, it would look better.

sorry for being this harsh on you.your work is really great.but because you’re here for serious criticism i hope you find my thoughts useful.:eyebrowlift:

Hi Saila, I just saw your answer,

By “weak” i’m just saying that everything is not at its right place in the composition, i feel
it could be better, but i’m blind :wink:
There is something wrong with the second man. What is he doing… i don’t know and thats
the problem. I’ll get an idea sooner and the pose will follow :wink:

That’s not harsh. You made valid constructive points. I would add that the top half of the render could use some “framing” on either side of the top quarters. Say like moving the floaty drone? pod thing that is on the left closer to the camera a bit and in front of the tree.