there are 2 Blender Issues I found.

I’m new to Blender Artists but not to blender. :smiley:

recently I Noticed that Blender 2.62 has a problem with the “Always” block in the Game engine. it will only run once, rather then forever like in blender 2.49b.
I noticed this because I saw a new “Steering” section in the logic editor. it is really great for AI but will only run once when i use the “Always”.:frowning:

the other problem is when i use the middle button on my mouse to fly around the object(great for when I’m modeling.) eventually it gets very slow. after a bit I am unable to zoom or rotate and it seems locked on the camera object(!?) where I can no longer reposition it. is there a fix for this?

also, there are so many subjects so I might have gotten confused when I posted. I thought this one is the best one to post this in.