There are too many great Finished Art Work that should be in the Forum Gallery

I found these that should be in Gallery but aren’t:


I don’t get why this one is there

The fact is that every artist like getting in the gallery. When a piece that is not even that good gets in there but the better one doesn’t, it leaves them a bad taste for this forum.

They can’t put every single good artwork in the galley, that would lead to a massive over flux of art. And what’s wrong with the old man’s face? It’s an amazingly detailed sculpt, with awesome use of SSS. Not to mention that if they did a close up, it would be hard to tell whether or not it was an actual photo.

It’s also not just about how good the render looks, it’s about composition and lighting as well, do they guide the viewer to the focus of the scene? I noticed in quite a few of these links, they were just displaying a robot or sculpt with basic lighting setups (HDRI or single lamp)

Yes, all of those renders are really good, but they have to pick a few out of many good renders to display.

With the technology that has gone into Blender the last few years (microdisplacement, filmic, ect…), it makes sense that the quality of the average work of art made with it would go up.

Therefore, it would make perfect sense if the standard for inclusion in the gallery also went up. Remember many years ago when the metric for what made a work awesome was one that looked like it couldn’t have been done in Blender (even though it was rendered with BI, because the features it had made it a lower quality engine than many external solutions).

I don’t agree in anything you just said.

there are no expert curators
aesthetic choice is subjective

personally building own gallery of beautiful works, solves a problem :wink:
there are many galleries
go enjoy and share… to some day end up in one

And that’s fine. But can you at least say why you don’t agree with me, I’d like to hear your take on this.

They can’t put every single good artwork in the galley,

Yes they can. Every week there is maybe 2-5 that are good.

And what’s wrong with the old man’s face?

It’s not finished. The SSS is slapped on. Bump and displace is mediocre. Does not even close look photoreal as you say. This is a blender test and not finished artwork. Just look at wonder woman beside his image. How can it even compare?

It’s also not just about how good the render looks, it’s about composition and lighting as well, do they guide the viewer to the focus of the scene? I noticed in quite a few of these links, they were just displaying a robot or sculpt with basic lighting setups (HDRI or single lamp)

It’s displaying the real work of real 3D artist that haven’t slapped together something in three hours. It was imagination, hard work and dedication. All different with high skillset.

For example I made this over 7 years ago.

We don’t need anything worse than work done over 7 years ago with a scanline renderer.

Blender is 20 times better and it has tools that makes everything 20 times more powerful than it did 7 years ago. Computers are crazy fast now too. No excuse for half done mediocre renders in the gallery. It insults the real good hardworking artists in this community.

I would love to know what your definition of ‘finished work’ is (and why it should become the official measuring rod of quality)?

If there is indeed only one opinion that you’re allowed to have (in order to be seen as a real artist), who will get the privilege to determine what it is?

Let’s not dive in what finished is and is not. I have listed 27 artworks that are amazing but are not recognized on this forum. These artist put their art on this forum only to see a mediocre getting the front page.

There are various issues regarding the top row decisions. Note that I am not an administrator neither I try to take side in each occasion, my scope is to remain objective from a neutral standpoint.

A. The top row serves only as a decoration element and not as an authority of deciding the fate of each artist’s work. So in either case a work is featured only as means of decorating the website.

B. There are some elements that make original work somehow better than copyrighted. Using copyrighted material as a basis of a work is a very delicate subject that needs care and consideration because it hides lots of surprises and troubles behind it. At very best the works based on copyrighted material will be considered as “fan art” which is the opposite of “professional art”, and this is only for the conceptual part.

C. Also in many cases works that include characters, might be considered somehow better because it will “liven up”, in comparison for example to works such as architecture or vehicles that seem a bit “cold”. As themes that contain not living elements have this “moody coldness”, because you know, they are objects. In this occasion perhaps only the rendering elements can be extracted, but this would require the mind of an expert with extraordinaire de-composition skills. But for the simple visitors and the persons with standard art-intelligence, they would look for more emotional cues in a picture.

D. Also there is the aspect of non verbal communication and what emotions the work produces, for example characters that are well designed or pleasing to watch will have other effect, in comparison to other characters with “specific-not-so-well-designed-features”. This has to do psychology mostly and the social standards are set. This does not apply to characters only, but in houses or vehicles. For example if you have an old house with rust and dirt the mood will be heavy and the work will communicate in other ways than the one that is supposed to. On the other hand if you have a shiny and brand new house - WYSIWYG - which makes things very simple to interpret the image.

That one had me scratching my head as well, It’s not a completed piece the anatomy is off etc but then again my taste in art is not everyone’s taste in art so I shrug my shoulders and move on.

It’s good that the top row is been updated more often but if the mods are updating for the sake of updating to keep to some schedule regardless of the quality of the works been picked(I notice it changes every week now) then that’s not good, it’s as bad as allowing works to stay too long on the top row.

What is your argument then? That they need to put better artwork in the feature row? Or more artwork overall?

Because they already update it every week. And if you think they need better artwork up there, well art is subjective so what you might think is amazing, the mods might think a different one looks better. In the end it’s up to the mods to decide.

For example I made this over 7 years ago.…ife-Old-George

We don’t need anything worse than work done over 7 years ago with a scanline renderer.

Which one is worse?

If a piece is amazing then just put it up there. It’s not that hard to understand. If it’s one every month or ten a week doesn’t matter.

My render 7 years ago was really good for a blender render. Old man on the top row is worse in every way, the point is that it’s mediocre. Anyone can make that. While the 27 other finished projects that are clearly much higher standard in every way are lost. We need to encourage great artists that are using blender.

By putting something mediocre in top row it will effect the quality of Blender software itself. It becomes a joke.

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I suppose I should answer this, since I’ve been maintaining the Feature Row. But first, the most important thing:

If there is a post in the Artwork forums that you think should be in the Gallery, report that post and let the moderators know that you think it’s Gallery material.

Opinions and taste are subjective, so I’d much rather have input from our community rather than rely on just my (or any other moderator’s) sole judgment.

As for the Feature Row itself, it’s a highlight of work posted by our community within the last week (or so). With the exception of the Weekend Challenge, I move them all to the Forum Gallery to avoid re-posting the same piece twice. I try to include a mix of impressive work that shows what Blender is capable of in a variety of different ways/industries/aesthetics. If you work in a particular field, it’s completely natural that only some of the selected pieces will appeal to you. Likewise, some of your favorite pieces may not appeal to other people. And as with the Forum Gallery recommendations, if you think any recent work should show up on the Feature Row, use the Report Post feature of the form and let the moderation team know. I can’t guarantee that your recommendation will always be chosen, but it’s always better when we hear from the community.

In any case, I hope that clears things up a bit. Feel free to ask any further questions about the gallery or feature row here.

A great bitter taste:(.

Are you reporting the pieces that you think should be in the Forum Gallery?