There are visible "seems" on Procedural PBR texture. What is the problem.?


I have “seem” line in the texture on both the support of the chair right in the middle and on the sitting cushion in the centre too ( presumably where the half ended while using mirror modifier) . Both have mirror modifier on. I also added node tree if anyone can spot anything in case that contributes to it.

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You hit the nail right on the head. The seams are due to the Mirror modifiers - specifically because you are using UV maps. If you weren’t using UV maps, you could change your Texture Coordinate node to a different texture space that would evenly map any procedural textures to your object without seams.

If you apply your Mirror modifiers, you can mark your seams for specific UV islands on your texture that you want to be continuous.

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In your mirror modifier you have flip U checked have you tried unchecking it? This could cause issues.
Edit: Even if you uncheck it it might still give a bit of a seam because of the nomal mirroring, the best thing would probably be to apply the mirror modifier and unwrap again so there is no seam in that part, or use object or generated coordinates instead of UV



Indeed, I’ve tried disabling but it doesn’t work. I could only solve it by applying mirroring and unwrapping again. Not a biggie though.


Just noticed you reply. Mirror modifier to blame. I wish there would be an algorithm that “pretends” mirror modifier is applied. :slight_smile: