There is a church, there is a steeple, open the door and here's an anvil!

I completed this one not long ago, this was my second 3d image ever made, not too bad in my opinion.

Followed Andrew the Blender Guru Prices Anvil Series

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You made this anvil from Blender Guru’s tutorial?

Turn out it looks okay to me with metallic rust covering.

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Lol, that’s kinda cool. But why is it THAT low?)

Not sure what you mean by low? Like vertically?

Yup. It seems like it’s made of clay, and smdb put it under pressure.

That would be because of the lighting, I’m still just touching the surface of composition. Vertically, it’s the average height, with that said there are no solid standards for anvil heights, lengths and even sometimes shapes. I imagine you’re resembling the dents and dings as a clay-like texture? I still think it’s pretty accurate but it was my first time using normals, displacements and other image textures.