There is an EEVEE glitch, and I can't get rid of it

When I switch to edit mode, or I do anyting with the textures, or changing the hdri, my shader turning to a mess. I can’t reverse it, when happens. If I save it it stays like that.
I have gtx 1070, but I edited this file on a mac before, where this glitch occured. Looks like a hardware related issue (intel iris with el capitan). Somehow I brought back the glitch with the file? I don’t understand. Can the file messed up? blend1 looks the same…

…have you tried to add (not apply) the edge split modifier, to see wether the normals would change? …That would be my approach for debugging the issue…

Now I tried it, nothing changed. I applied every modifier now and still the same.

Maybe you duplicated it?

Really, there’s no sense in us guessing from looking at a picture. Unless there’s a prize to be won, upload the file. :slight_smile:

I saved a file for you with the textures:

Drive link

That is a trippy glitch.

It looks like you have the basecolor plugged into your normal map, when I plug in the correct normal map, the trippyness goes away:

Your’re right! Funny, because I used the normal map for sure… I think it’s replaced the png on its own. Before I start to edit the object, the normals are visible on the surface.

At least, this solved my problem. Thank you!