There is no power like the power of the people, because the power of the people don't


Please don’t lock threads in offtopic, it makes me feel oppressed.

Only when we are united like the 300 Spartans can we fight the injustice of one single tyrant who at will throws the hammer against his own people.

If we all protest as one, the transition to greater rights of many can be completed peacefully.


I was just being silly,

I am not really that flustered, I just wish they could “merge them”

I am far to silly to look up if anyone has ever talked about what I talk about…

My conversation is a new one.

ie Chat vs everything else.

That’s good. If everything was in black and white - then exactly where would our fun selves be at!!!


The interesting thing is that there’s never really just one tyrant. Tyranny requires many followers in order to truly become tyrannical and therefore it is not only the leader, but also the followers who become tyrants. Just my opinion on the subject.

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Threads can be merged… however it doesn’t make a lot of sense to merge a bunch of threads in which the OPs all make the same announcement. You end up with a thread that has essentially the exact same post multiple times.