There, my PS4 stopped wobbling, now I that a white light of death!?

Looks like with the PS4 being the first console out of the gate, it’s also the first to face a potential launch disaster as people report a ‘white light of death’, and a console wobbly enough to potentially scratch disks.

Remember the days when consoles on launch day didn’t have these problems and didn’t require first-day updates, now it’s smarter to just wait a year or so while the game library builds up and problems get ironed out. As of now, it seems the credit for the most issue-free console at launch will either go to the Xbox1 or the WiiU.

These stories are just beginning to come out, I’m sure the more mainstream sites will bring in the news in the next few days, I also await to see how the X1 does at launch since the Kinect 2.0 looks to be some pretty amazing technology.

So, can the PS4 still come out as a high quality console, let-er rip.

I wish someone could come up with a dirt cheap gaming/graphics computer, with muscle…

Sony acknowledges that there might be some defects, but says it only accounts for a miniscule number of units.

While it might overall be a good thing for Sony, I did not recall a whole lot of the original Xbox 360’s getting the red ring of death on the first few days either (some happening many months after launch), so whether it will overall be a good launch depends on whether these systems remain problem free after months of heavy use (and I would note that hardcore gamers have a definitive will to test the limits of any popular system).

This is why all I’m getting for Christmas is about 20 to 25 $20 Steam Gift Cards.

Note to Youtube, Microsoft, Sony, and every other company: Change is bad.