there´s always room for more mechs!


Realized that i havent done a mech, yet.

My goal is to learn finally some uv-mapping and texture painting. So if theres a decent tutorial somewhere, please let me know!

I had some idea. There was many very nice mechs in this forum. What if we join our forces and animate a little mech battle? Could verse be helpful in it? ,…just an idea!

Here is some progress.


Me like mechs!
Always wanted one Matrix style so I could go to work and call the boss a sissy.

Yours looks extremely heavy.
You could make it a bit lighter by detailling the head and especially the breast plate.

Thanks for advise!

Heres some uv stuff and walk cycle.

Wow :o
Nice texturing.
But I meant that the big monotonous brick of concrete that seems to be the shoulders and breasts could use some…well… don’t know what word to use… but something different then just a brick.

What are those things next to the head? Lights? Rockets?

I like the animation, great work. But while walking you could add some animation to the shoulders. Moving it as though it was some teenager pretending to be cool.

When the right foot goes forward the left shoulder goes backward.
And during that movement it slightly turns up and then back down.
try it yourself, in front of the mirror :smiley:
really, it’ll give a human feel to the mech.

You have a great frame work with which to go in and now add a lot of detail to this. All the heavly large blocks could be broken down into smaller parts or paneling. Some you may be able to get away with a good nor map with your UV maping, but some areas like the chest plate and some of the arm components could really use some actual mesh work. Like I said though, this is a great start, keep at the modeling don’t think it’s quite ready for texturing.

Did I mention I love mechs too!! :slight_smile:

I am planning to use this in one flyer. That big monotonous ches could be nice place to put some random info of that party. But maybe i detail it some more.

Texture is just a reharsal. Never done any uv before. That ideasman´s Archimap helped a lot!

Those big things side on its head,… dont know actually :smiley: I was thinking of missiles, but maybe light could be cool too. Its just something like a clische in mechs. Just wanted it to have those. Even i didnt know what the heck they are :smiley: Maybe u tell me what to do to them.

About the heavyness. I want it to look really heavy weight. Shoulder animation is really nice idea, but maybe i want it to look more robotic than a humanlike.

Thanks for u comments!

Here is same walk from the side

At the least I’d say go though and do some universal beveling, there are a LOT of sharp edges in that mesh. Don’t need to be huge just enough to soften the edges.

I did some shaping. Now the head is too big and something awhul happened to it :smiley:

Guns are better now.

More tomorrow.

New head folks!

good job.but maybe you should define the purposes of the shapes,i mean. …you should better describe the functions of the parts more clearly i think.
but i can not deny that it is getting better;)

Hell yeah,
only now I can’t help pondering that maybe the feet are a bit too small.
The head is funny, I don’t know what your intentions are.
If you don’t know what to do with the things next to the head
you can always add more rockets.
In the middle of a fight you can never have enough of them :]
And maybe add a lightbeamer on the side of the head as with a headphone.
BTW, how bout some bulletchains for those machineguns on the outer side of the hands? Just a thought, it worked for the Matrix.
I’m just ranting, definitely not telling you to do this or that.
Just giving ideas :]

I’m just ranting, definitely not telling you to do this or that.

Well thats why i´m putting this in this forum! :smiley: All critics are welcome!

The head. My intentions was a cyclop like a head :D,… with some armour plane in front of it.

,… but now much too drunk to type english language :stuck_out_tongue:

here is a quick and dirty textured walk cycle.

it looks good :wink:

needddsss bevels cool otherwise