There seems to be a problem with the spin tool

I suppose this has already been mentioned, but the spin tool is not working properly in 2.82a at all.
Do you know if it will be fixed in the next release?

Regards Newb from Tasmania Australia

How is it not working?
If we don’t know what’s wrong we can’t say if it will be fixed.


My apologies; after setting the cursor at the center I click on the + to bring up the small menu but the angle is already at 360 de grease and the nothing gets rotated around the axis.

If the spin tool was working properly for every one else then it must be that I am doing some thing wrong.

I first noticed it while doing Andrew Price’s donut tutorial.
Kind regards newb

Well, first make sure you have something selected, then go through the steps you described.
If it still does not work, perhaps try it in a new file and then post a screenshot and/or the .blend file.