There should be a way to save and load themes!

Hey I don’t know if any developers read the forums but if you are reading this: PLEASE GIVE US A WAY TO SAVE AND LOAD THEMES FOR BLENDER 2.5!! ALL CAPS RAAAGE!! haha just kidding i just saw Pablo Vazquez’s UI and i REALLY want those colors! Is there a 2.58 build with those colors? Thanks :slight_smile:

Look up Crouch’s theme manager addon, there is a link somewhere here.

It would be nice, but I can’t say I agree with your all caps rage. :smiley: I am tired of trying to find things as it is in 2.5, let alone trying to find it when the whole screen is some weird shade…

Just what I was looking for. I know the default theme is dark to allow better viewing of renders and so forth, but that never really does it for me. I can often see better with a lighter theme.