There's a monkey in my menu ?

(acasto) #1

I was just wondering if anyone know why there is a monkey in my mesh menu ! I’m using publisher 2.25. I just noticed it and was wondering if it was supposed to be there or maybe I’m being attacked by a cyber monkey (gotta hate them things), or perhaps one of my meshes evolved…lol :smiley:

(Turrin) #2

I honestly have no idea, but I think its freakin hilarious :smiley:


(acasto) #3

If anyone don’t believe me here it is:
the little simian himself !!!

(denzombie) #4

Back up, nuke drive.

If monkey persists, switch to decaf for a week. :smiley:

(acasto) #5

I think I’m going to bed, every time I look though it is there. And when I click on it, it goes oohhh ooohh oohhh

Oh well, my head is hurting so I’ll see what haunts me in my dreams tonight, then I might try and model it on blender tommorow

([email protected]) #6

Yes,… the monkey is part of Blender 2.25 8)

pretty cool dont cha think?

he was put there by W.P. and “Evil ZR”

and also caused a “monkey haters” debate , that became abit
interesting. ( back at the old NaN site)


(acasto) #7

Ya, he looks great for being in the simple meshes menu…lol. I was starting to wory that a cube or something had imbreed with a sphere.
That’s would’ve been bad probably


(dotblend) #8

monkey in realtime 3d!

yay a funky domain