There's a ZAMP in my LAMP

Hey all,

This is my Blender interpretation of a Dr. Seuss illustration, named ‘There’s a Zamp in my Lamp’. Im currently working on the lamp, and about to start the Zamp :p.
When I’m finished these, i’ll start on the boy. Now remember, it isn’t supposed to look EXACTLY like the image… just slightly similar. In this im implementing shadows, reflections and the like, unlike the illustration. All crits, comments, suggestions etc etc are welcome.


er finish the lamp? there are still holes in the bottom, and no, I know that there are INDENTS in the reference, not just flat out holes. Fill them, extrude in. I suggest you not to use the particle system, creating a mesh of hair is a bit more natural. Keep on Workin’ on it!

WellI’m not sure how many of these suggestions will apply, since I don’t know how much you’re trying to resemble it but…

  1. the feet on the bottom of the lamp are very strange, and not in a Dr. Seuss way, I would suggest making them look like the lamp has 4 feet, and they are just strangely placed and skewed. Overall, I think the whole base is too rigid, it should look much more distorted to match with the feet. Because the pole comes off at an angle, the whole base should stretch that way like in the reference.

  2. the trim as the pole goes up, I really like it, except for the first part, the part that looks like a ufo, I hope you can tell wich one I’m talking about, but it sticks out too much, I would try to model more smaller ridges

  3. The lamp shade is perfect, I would suggest adding the ornament on the very top of the pole though

Overall,this already has a great cartoon, Dr. Seuss feel, so liek I said, I don’t know how far you want to go with it, the base is the only thing that really stands out as not matching the style though, the other comments are just details you may or may not want to include…

Really neat though, you’ve inspired me to do something cartoony.


Ok, I been working on the lamp, especially the base and surrounding parts. Tell me what you think. Im pretty sure I’ve gotten a lot closer to the ‘Dr. Seuss’ style. Once again all suggestions, crits and comments are welcome, so keep them coming. Im going to do the ornament on top of the pole, and the bead-chain thing to add onto the lamp now.


Yet another quick update. The lamp is just about done. Any suggestions would be warmly welcome. Im trying to get this lamp done fairly quickly, so I can start on the Zamp. I’ve added the small top ornament, and the chain switch. It’s not all looking perfect, but I will tweak it as I go. Enjoy :slight_smile:


That looks much better. :yes:

Minifig - Thanks! (Cheering and celebratory dance) Yay for much betterness! :smiley:

Ok, well unless anyone has any suggestions to make the lamp look better, im starting on the Zamp. This should be a nice little challenge :p.

So does anyone have any ideas to get the ‘wooly’ kind of look on the little guy?:confused:

Thanks in advance, and keep the comments coming… if you want to… no pressure… I wouldn’t want anyone to do something they aren’t comfortable with.


Looking really good :slight_smile:
Totally a good 3d representation.

You could try a hair particle system…

Sycosys - It means a lot when people say stuff like that, so thank you!

Minifig - Ok, yeah I’ll try that. Thanks!


The base is perfect now! The whole thing really captures the Dr. Seuss style! Good work, I’ll be watching to see the characters.


Oh the places you’ll go! Awesome.

try and get a slightly better reference for the zamp… this one would make it hard to model. Lamp is perfect besides the little ornament on the lamp shade… the particle system as said is definately perfect for this. watching this thread now