there's no texture on render mode

hello, i recently made something and used uv unwrapping with a picture, however when i go to rendering/render mode its all just grey/white/black with no patterns, also i can see the textures in texture mode.

please help

Have you setup a Material then assigned a Texture to that material ?
Because rendering will only render what is defined in the Material and Texture panel, it will ignore what you have assigned to the model in the UV/Image Editor.

well i have made a material but i have no clue how to do the rest

An example so you can see how it is done :

You have your model that is unwrapped, and you have assigned a texture to that UV in the UV/Image Editor

In the Material panel, add a new Material

Once done, go to the Texture panel now and add a new Texture (that will correspond to that new Material you just created)

By default the Texture type is set to Cloud, but we want the texture to be the actual texture we loaded previously (or any kind of texture you want)
So we need to change the Type to “Image or Movie”

Now click on Open to load the texture file
Note : if you indeed already loaded the texture in the UV/Image editor, you can just click on that button :
Then browse to the texture that is listed there.

Next, in the Mapping section, by default the texture coordinates is set to Generated, we don’t want that as we have an UV map, so set it to UV
Note : you can adjust the UV size if you wish there too

In case you have multiple UV map for the same object , you can select in the UV map to use in the Map drop down menu there :

That’s all for something that simple, you can now render (remember to put the lamps where you need) and the texture will be displayed in the render.

Ok when u use a UV first click go to the material tab and click new , then go to the textures tab and click new also. Now in your UV editor window open your UV image, now go back to the texture tab, scroll down to the mapping section and change coordinates to UV. Lastly scroll up to the image section and click the little image drop down box and you will see your UV Image (also make sure to change your display to textured in your 3D view.