Therion - Kali yuga III

Hello, long time I did not go on this forum. I want to show my latest work done in Blender3D, this is the video for the band Therion, and Kali Yuga III song. The earthquake, crows, branches off the ground, and a few more things, are made ​​in Blender 2.5 alpha. It was difficult to work with so many errors in the program, but in the end, I think it was good. Here is the video, hope you like it. Greetings.



Amazing work!
Really really impressive to see such work was made in Blender :smiley:

Very nice! Thanks, now I’ve got (in a singing tone) “KALI YUGA!!” Stuck in my head. Guess that’s the point of a hook in a song! Goth rock? Or Hindu themed goth rock? Pretty good. They’d go over big at Dragoncon here in Atlanta.

hahha, yeah, it’s the point. i kept stuck “KALI YUGA” over a month in my head xD

I’m glad you liked it