thermal rod water heating system

Just playing with pipes and this emerged…

Im going to add an old fashioned pressure valve but not sure what else to do with it…

intersting model

but what is it ?

an old steam heater like 1900 style
or a modern thing ?

do you have a real pic to compare it to?

mind you i prefer electric heating board LOL


I guess its supposed to be a strange victorian kind of machine. The rods are cast iron, sunken into the stone block and down into a furnance (or geo- themal for an enviromental spin :P)

the water goes around the loops and is heated up from the rods.

thats why I need a pressure valve or ka-boom lol

theres no reference photo - just my strange imagination

on old steam engine for heating
there was also a small valve to relieve air bubles insise conduits
which where noisy like crazy

if i remember well

you could put a digital thermostat to control it ! LOL

how is the heat dissipating in air
any sort of helicoidal fins or lar plate for that on the outside?


Do you remember that game called Myst? Long time ago…
This gadged looks a little like some of the strange machines in this game.

Give it a wooden socket and a few round displays and it is a … dimension cracker or a gravitation generator LOL…