Thermes du Midi

Hello Blender Artists !

I finished this environment a few weeks ago and wanted to know what you guys think about it Everything is done in Blender (basemesh, lowpoly version). I use Zbrush as sculpting software and Ddo for texturing. The final render is done in Unreal Engine 4.
I learned A LOT during the creation of this environment but i know i have a huge amount of things to learn to reach the next level. Feel free to comment and critic, it will help me ! Thank you

(You can see the rest of the environement on ) :slight_smile:


beautiful atmosphere

Good job, but the shot of the camera does not convince me. Try whit other angles.

Really nice!
I really like to see how people use Blender with the EU4, I’m with Fabianbz, try other angles in order to highlight even the mosaic in the pool because is a cool detail.
If you can work only on the little wave in the water because seems a little too regular to me.
Good work

This looks really good! Did you bake all the lighting or are you using real shadows in UE?