Finally found some courage to wrap it up. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

better Quality


I like the overall color and the lightning, good job

Not my cup of tea, but within the genre of semi-realistic illustrations it’s definitely well executed and in terms of artwork-quality on BA certainly above average.

Love it, great render!

I like a bunch of the elements in this – the textures, localized lighting, machinery, chair, tentacles…

But… I’m not really sure I understand what I’m looking at. It took me a long time to see the figure in the middle, and I’m still not sure what it’s doing. I suspect from the name of your thread that the figure is harvesting moonlight for science. By looking really hard I can see blue streaks above – is that moonlight? Is that a window to space? Are the tentacles important or are they just extra detail for fun?

composition suggestions that might help me understand the image:
-closer camera to the figure and science equipment.
-Less light and saturation on the red rock … let that be background detail – right now it overwhelms
-Show a partial moon and drastically enhance the light god rays that I think you’re trying to show.
-eliminate or strongly reduce the reflectivity of the window – at first I thought it was just bad texture mapping. Its very realistic, but very in the way :slight_smile:

  • better stars/space background. It looks like you just randomly dabbed some dots on a texture, its not easily reading as a starscape to me
  • Adjust lighting, camera angles, etc, to highlight the important things (ie. the figure) so the viewer immediately begins to consider what he/she/it is doing versus only seeing him after wondering what’s draped in front of the chair.

Lovely, but I wish there was some more stuff in there. It looks too uncluttered as it is right now.

Big thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I actually tried to put some meaning into it. Not a message, just an opinion on something recent. Might be too vague. I have too admit that it’s a bit experimental :slight_smile:

>oofnish + PlantPerson
I would agree with you both, but only when I wanted to make the person collecting moonlight the main protagonist.

The materials and lighting is sweet. I didn’t get it at first sight, but pretty impressive job there.

hey man good one more work! You are really fast for the last few weeks! Awesome!
Btw if I didn’re remember wrong, almost all the charactors from your work never show us the front face? :slight_smile: Boss give us one more front shot next time!

Yay, сolors are wonderful, really enjoyed your work:cool:

As someone said, not my cup of tea, too, but definitely well done and worth a deep look.


There :). Temptation gone:D

Very nice. I like the techniques :smiley: