TheSpartan's Sketchbook

Hey, been on these boards for a while but i’ve never really noticed the Sketchbook section.

Seems like a good idea and might keep me a bit more motivated.

Currently practicing some character modelling and starting with a human male.

It’s a work in progress and i’m not happy with a few things but hopefully i’ll get better with more practice.


Hopefully i’ll come back with more updates soon.

Just a quick sculpt tonight. Nothing major just a bit of practice.

More character modelling practice tonight.
Current WIP of a human male head.

Did a retopo of the last head sculpt and started having a play around with materials.
Seeing it now kinda highlights a few modelling errors which would need to be resolved but its been a fun learning curve for next time.

Also, need to figure how to add a second material for the lips, so it transitions in.

Probably have a look at hair at some point in the future too.

Starting another character, messing around with some textures but i am hopefully going to rig, pose and then add some clothing on, so won’t see most of the body anyway, as i can see some areas that would require some work.

Been a busy time over Xmas and new year, just started back with this. I’ll update the sketchbook later on.

Edit: Working on something new, updates to follow

Current work in progress sculpt/model

Added some more detail.

Might retopo and see where it goes