They are coming.. and they're hungry

Hello, Blenderers
Here is a promo poster I did for a short film project “Dead Space: Convergence”. The idea behind it was, that the main protagonist, Kacey Fenix, gets ambushed in the dark corridors if a space ship… and it’s about to get nasty.

I used Blender, Yafaray for rendering, Photoshop for color correction. Now, I know that projects that use Blender don’t always get the support from blender users, unless it’s something from Blender institute, but here is the project and it would be beyond awesome if you could give it a look and contribute

no comments? :frowning:

Really epic render! I love the design :slight_smile:

very cool looking, best of luck on the project.

Hi Your concept is nice thank you so much for your work and share it for us. :slight_smile:

Yes, this image and the others I have seen are incredibly well done, Tri-State. This would clearly be one fan-film which doesn’t suffer from an under-experienced creator. While I may not be able to contribute financially, I will post a link to it on the Classy Dog Films Facebook page. You should also see if you can get Blender Nation to create a post about it, that could help a lot.

Best of luck to you in achieving success, I would love to see this get made!

Looks very promising! Can’t wait to see the finished project. :slight_smile:

Looks really nice :slight_smile: