They Ate My Clapper shot

Hi to all blenderheads :smiley:

Big shout-out from phime studio! We wanted to share with you render from our new adventure/ho game They Ate My Clapper. This is a scene inside the Airstream trailer.

Oh, we almost forgot - modeled in Blender, rendered in Blender internal with post color correction touch ups.

Link to hi-res wallpaper version


This seems so retro, 50s comic style to me… very well done!

It has such a cozy feel to it. Great job! I’d love to see the animated version of this one. :wink:


Very nice, I love it!

very nice!

I like it very much, besides two things:

I just don´t like the chair. It´ll fall over to the front every time you move on the chair or stand up :wink:
The sunshades are casting no shadow - I´d love to have lightrays through the shades and them casting shadows, would be a great mood addition.

But I agree on the cosy 50´s retrostyle. The whole render is very atmospheric.

Some boxes in the back appear to be floating.

Thanx to all for your kind comments !

That’s the same thing the we had spotted on the final rendering - but if you analyse it against solid screenshot of the scene, boxes are well aligned with the trailer floor - so the conclusion is that renderer shadows are playing tricks with our eyes :slight_smile: