They Came at Night

Hey everybody.

If someone happened to watch the Work in Progress page at Indigo’s forum, you might have seen this. I’ve been “working” on this one for some time now and now, it’s finished. It has been rendered by Eman7613 from the Indigo Renderer forum for about 50 hours. A huge thanks to Eman7613 for his help and ofcourse for rendering this image for me (at 2050x1025…)!
Click on the image for a larger version.

I hope you like it. Critics and comments are appreciated.


Sander Wit

wooow, amazing! Photorealism! Yay!

Looks great man. Lovely scene and photoreal environment. But 50 hours rendering, geez, and the big version still shows some grain. So I guess no animation in the making, haha.

Thanks Yoeri and Sago, glad you like it. I know there is still some grain, I’ve removed a bit with Neat Image, but I’d loose some detail on the floor and wall if I’d remove more grain…

Actually I’m currenctly rendering a full-lenghth movie…nah…indeed it’s really slow, but other then that, Indigo rulez. :smiley:

Hm, the link to the picture seems to be down or something, I had to view it from your homepage.

Great work, once again. Nice concept with lovely “characters”, beautifully modelled and textured, great use of Indigo, too. Nothing else to say, really.
But heh, the rendertime is intense…boy, if Indigo was just a little faster =/

I think maybe the one in the front is a bit too dark.
It took a while before I saw there were more of them :]
Great foto!

I’ve been following this from the Indigo forum and I must say it is a great concept and a great render. Is there only one light in the scene? How did you do the two-toned (white/yellow) lamp shade? The shading on the wall looks like the shade should be transluscent, but it isn’t.

Can you show us a close up of those little men?:slight_smile:

Ya the lil box characters could use bit of ‘highlighting’.

The lighting and composition look very nice!

Sure Youri, here’s a crop of the center. (From the high-res version.)

Pikseli, I gave the cube-fella close to the camera a slight bevel, but indeed not all of 'em becouse I wanted to keep the render time as low as possible…ehm…hmm… :D.

Scorpius, the scene is lit by three meshlights: one moon, one bolt inside of the lamp and the ouside of the lamp-hood. The inside is another mesh, slightly smaller with a really dark color to make sure it wouldn’t be overexposed.

Thanks vliegtuig. Perhaps it’s a bit dark, but they came at night didn’t they :P.

Thanks Myke, glad you like 'em.

Very nice atmosphere and lighting . Great work!

nice work roger. what is the light spot under the window though

It’s full moon.

Like the render very much! Pretty photorealistic, yet still peculiar and surreal.

Great! 5 stars!

Very clever! 5 stars!

Amazing, 5 Stars from me.

Fantastic render. Man, I really need to play with Indigo a bit more.


Thanks Mathias! Thanks a lot.

Framedworld, Marslyr and BgDM, thanks a lot.
BgDM, of course it’s cool to play with indigo, but man, the rendertimes… You’re losing a lot of actual modelling and texturing time when your pc is “just” rendering. It’s the main miner of Indigo.

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I love the “legs” of the chair. The circular base looks fantastic with its rich mahogany feel. Nice texturing on the walls, but I think the bump might be just a bit to big. BTW love the little wooden guys


Thanks JCTiger.

Nice and clean forum lay-out now innit? Better then the auomaticly-generated look it had at least.