They Came From Below

My most recent project/submission for the Blender Guru Sci-Fi Competition.

(Hi Res:

I like this! Even if “simple” there are a lot of details and your point of view is different to all others competitors…the leafes over the grate are a single texture?

Brilliant finish man :smiley:

Very nice ^.^

Fresh take, nice! Loving the little details (fag butts, paw prints, etc…). I’m getting mixed messages from the monster, the sauron-like eye says “Lethal enemy” but the purple body tells me “Friends forever”. Surely just a ploy to lure me within tentacle range, not falling for that.

Thanks, everyone!

@ mik1190, I have one, giant leaf pile texture, then I have a few other, smaller individual leaves :yes: I might upload a .blend later after the Blender Guru Competition is completely over.

I must say that I thought that this would get at least an honourable mention. This was up there with the best in my opinion. Great render!

Thanks! I’m glad to hear you liked it :yes:

Nicely done and original/creative ! Good job, for sure.

Thank you!

Very nice! :smiley:
Maybe the tentacles could be made a little less sleek? (Because of that I actually thought that everything else was a photo, at first) :slight_smile:
A-a-and yes… just noticed that littly roughness on the reflections. Nice work!
The details on the eye are also good. :slight_smile:

Love it. =D

Nicely done! Particularly like the amount of ambiguity with how much of the creature you can see. Is that the whole thing? Is it really narrow and long? Is it really large, but squishy enough to fit in the sewer? Is it massive enough that the street is about to break apart as it surfaces? And so on…

All of which didn’t need modelling, but it gets the viewers brain adding details. Or at least mine does.

Thanks, all of you! I’m glad you like it!