They came from outer space... I think.

Hey all,

Just posting a little video and some images, crit any part you like, however i know the movement/ animation isnt fluid, but i did this just to see how well i could intergrate an object with a video. I need to do some more work, but for now this piece is finished.

The video credits go to the makers of Voocat camera tracker.

The main purpose was too see if i could match up geometry with the video and have the object cast shadows and appear to follow the geometry in the video.

I’ll post the video link when i upload it to youtube.



Lol, nice image, looks like someone threw a hubcap up in the air.

Great Job!

It’s not fake, what are you trying to say. I’m a liar? The goverment want’s you to think it’s fake.

Anyway, thank’s for the comments, i agree, it does like a hubcap lol.

Here is the really bad video, it took like 6 hours to render this, and i didnt check the animation before i rendered, no way am i going back to re-render this out haha.

Well, judging from your anim, you need to add some focal blur to match the focal blur of the objects it’s supposed to be close to.

Also, you may want to check out icarus, it’s a free cam tracking program, it would make it look a lot better.

jack, that’s not a hubcap. It’s a real UFO. They keep it at that secret camp you discovered. Kill All The Humans.

Yea it does need some work, focul blur and other various things adding too it.

I used a camera tracker, i used Voodoo, that’s how i matched up the geometry with the camera footage etc.

I’ll probably have some more footage up some time soon, it’ll be alot more advanced and… well just better :slight_smile: