They Come From Above (Full Length Movie) WIP

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a full-length film and am already 30 minutes into it, but I need some help on a very important part of one of the animated senes were a ship is flying through space. the camera does move and when it does, the stars go crazy! What are some settings you would use for a good star system? Thanks for the help. BTW, we are looking for some help on the project! It is just for fun and if you would want to model or animate some spaceships, feel free to pm me. :slight_smile: Please leave comments.

Which version of Blender are you using?

I’m using Blender 2.49 because the new version keeps shutting down on me so I’m waiting for the stable release before I switch.

The name of the project is They Come From Above. Its about a planet that very few natives are left on. Different people come to mine the planet when one of the natives hitches a ride on the ship. All I can tell so far. A website will be up soon. :wink:

Little OT - As for now, B2.5x should’t crash at any configuration. Have U’ tried builds? If yes, then you might consider reporting it to dev’s.

About movie, if you could post sth, it would help clear things up

I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand what STH stands for?

Space, so you are using blenders inbuilt ‘star’ button under world.

I think this is a bad way to do it, as there are no gas clouds, galaxys and other things that make a space scene look better. Try finding a large image and using it as a world. (the ‘real’ button helps here).

If you want me to model starships, do (very) basic animations, then just ask here.

sth - something : )

And here’s the link for blenderart, issue 9 could help : )

thanks sdfgsdfg, but I cant use a photo because when the camera turns, it gets really funky in the way that the backgound doesn’t move, and the type of space I’m going for is the one like in Avatar. It doesn’t have a lot of detail at all, but the focus is on the ship which is what I want too.

Here’s a pic :slight_smile:

Please click on the picture to view the stars.

Hey, it’s really nice!

You may use sphere with UV mapped stars, set to shadeless…?

I’ll try that now, the ship in that shot is one from a pal of mine’s. I’m working on a seperate one, but that is the stars I am going for and he achieved it with the internal star system? He can’t remember how he did it though!

Funnily enough, I actually don’t see any stars in that picture!

But I get what you’re aiming at.
Try increasing the minimum, distance between the stars. I have had issues with the inbuilt star system, as sometimes a star goes between you and the object, that is why I don’t like it.
I think go with Venthe’s idea. But I know you can achieve the same thing using the world buttons, but can’t remember how.

@sdfgsdfg - world texture. Much better than sphere : ) I’ve completly forgot about this one : )
And stars, they ARE on this picture, but IMO they are too faint. Even with realistic approach, NASA crew got bright stars (Not to mention Earth, moon, sun) and milky way.

OK, but there’s a few extra buttons to click that I can’t remember that get it to rotate properly when you rotate the camera.

Another question, what is the best settings to render for animation? I’ve been using AVI Raw, but it glitches and doesn’t come out sometimes? Any suggestions on what to use?

Use AVI jpeg.
OR render as png into a folder and then use ffmpeg, moviemaker or blenders sequencer to combine the images into a clip. This has the advantage that if you need to re-render a part, you can do only the required part, not the whole thing again.

AVI Raw seems to work for me fine, whats the difference between the two?

Compression and size. AVI jpg has lesser quality, but… RAW is big. BIG.

I personally use AVI codec, with DIvX or Xvid

Ok, thanks, that helped me loads! I had noticed that the files were big and was wondering why! I will post a bit of the movie on youtube later and add a link. This is now the official WIP thread for They Come From Above.

Good, i eagerly await further news and assignments.
I hope this project succeeds