They don't make sandboxes like they used to

Sega has found a way to digitize them too

The video’s in Japanese, but there’s enough visuals to get a good idea. It might be a neat way to enhance an ordinary sandbox experience, but I don’t see a lot of homes having this until you can apply the projection system to any box of sand you have around in the yard.

Also, the jury might still be out on whether it would work when you flood the box with real water like me and my brother used to do when we were little (not just ‘projecting’ water), though I would see it being a little tough for that thing to work with the big custom-made wooden square we had as boundaries (providing you got it big enough, but then you’d have to make it work around the 50-60 foot+ tree in the middle of it).

One more thing, this just screams for someone to develop stick-together micro-LED particles that can send a signal to a machine that changes their color based on shape and slope recognition technology, how would this thing work if you made a cave or something?

lol…I guess we are on the edge of a revolution with the our dreams sandbox. It really reminds of the wares sold in this shop. See the similarities…


I guess the lesson-learned here is that, with enough technology, you can sit on your a*s and imagine anything. Or, you can go outside and play in the sand. (Just don’t track mud into the house, or your mamma will kill you.)