They Killed the Cube | Dramatic Love Story + TUTORIAL
The nightmare of every Blenderist interpreted by Windows 10, the Apple logo, Blender 3 and the Cube. A dramatic love story directed this evening by a Blenderist that loves the cube.

Ok, jokes over! It is just another prank equipped with a weird touch. You know! It’s here just to make you share it with friends scaring them with the firts seconds of the moive. BUT. There is an easter-egg hiddein in the video, in this crazy video made this evening without particular reasons. If you are able to find it share a comment with us demonstrating to be a real nerd!

Wait. There is couple of serious things to say!
1- There is a tutorial at the end of the video.
2- When Adobe Joined to the Blender Dev. Fund I shared a video about these things, explaining, for example, how Ubisoft did the same!

INSTAGRAM: @sky.voxel

CREDITS: pexels-mikhail-nilov, Just Stay - Aakash Gandhi, Sangria - Saidbysed, Voices - Patrick Patrikios.

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